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PSA: Classic SNES Controllers Now Available for Wii

Old School gamers will be happy to learn that a classic SNES controller for the Wii is now available at ThinkGeek. As someone who has lamented that Club Nintendo Japan appeared to be the only way to pick one of

This is what your 3DS will look like after Nintendo gets a hold of it

I do not want. via Siliconera

Famitsu to have the scoop on 3DS dual analog add-on, new games

  Andriasang has what they believe to be the inside scoop on what Famitsu has to reveal this week about the 3DS, and boy is it a doozy. It seems as if the 3DS will get it’s own version of

Crossfire Pistol Elegantly Designed, but Misfires

Wii owners are long since familiar with the “Plastic Plague” of crappy gaming peripherals that have come our way.  Even Nintendo themselves are guilty, creating a plastic wheel, and the infamous “zapper,” both little more than plastic molds to cram your