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If you have a PC, put Trine 2 on your radar

In case you missed it last year, Trine was a sweet little platform game for PC. Its controls aren’t as tight as Mario, I admit, but it’s still a “fun, magical-looking, and well-told game that’s easily worth the $20 sticker

It’s official: PC is Infendo’s favorite non-Nintendo system

Multiple sources today confirmed that Infendo.com has named the “personal computer” the best gaming system not made by Nintendo. “I just sorta posted the poll on a whim, and the readers responded in-kind,” said Blake, Infendo publisher and chief Boss

Poll: What’s your favorite non-Nintendo system?


Pokemon online, a Battle simulator

While searching online for more information relating to the new Pokémon series, White and Black, I came across a website called Pokemon Online. Pokemon Online is a downloadable program that allows you to have pokemon battles on your PC with

After PC, are shooters better on Wii?

That’s the question IGN asked this week. And despite being a much more popular genre on HD consoles, columnist Michael Thomsen thinks shooters are better on Wii. The simple act of moving in a Wii shooter has a slow gravitas

Youtube Tuesday – Developer’s Voice [Cave Story]

The long wait is finally over as Cave Story will appear on the Wii Shop Channel under the WiiWare tag next week. Cave Story is one of those games that is old school yet it feels refreshingly new. If you