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Rumor: Metroid Title Headed to 3DS

Rumor: Metroid Title Headed to 3DS

So I hear a 3D Metroid title could very well be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. This is great news! So long as it’s nothing like Other M.

Confirmation will probably come at the big North America/UK 3DS event scheduled for this Wednesday, at which point we’ll know pricing, availability and launch titles. Should be a hoot, although shelling out $300 for a portable will not be. Let’s hope that’s not what happens.

As an aside, history shows us that 2D platformers like New Super Mario Bros. do incredibly well on a portable platform. We have no idea if a Metroid title is actually coming to the 3DS, let along what it might look like, but for me this style seems the perfect fit. And who knows? A well-executed 2D Metroid, coupled with some clever stereoscopic 3D, might be just what the franchise needs to wash away the undeniable taint of Other M.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M to arrive “mid-year”

Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M to arrive "mid-year"

metroid_other_mWord out of Nintendo’s Australian Media Summit this morning is that both Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M will arrive much sooner that expected. How much sooner? Nintendo is saying “mid year,” which in inudstry speak could mean anything from June all the way to end of August, or even September.

Still, this is much, much earlier than I think anyone who’s anyone expected. The bad news, for Zelda fans at least, is that there was no mention of Zelda. That release date, teased by Iwata and others as later this year, seems like it’s slipped a bit, especially given the fact these two powerhouse titles will drop in the middle of 2010. Maybe Zelda arrives for the holidays?

Expect more information and a more official launch date later today, when Nintendo’s North American media event kicks off on the West Coast.

Posted by Jack 24.02.2010 in All
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