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Epic Mickey Review: It eventually lives up to its name

If you stick with it, Epic Mickey’s flawed-but-amazing journey leads to a spectacular gauntlet of boss battles and platform challenges where all the pieces finally fall together for a satisfying and (big sigh of relief) epic finale. If you’ve bought

Second Impressions: An update from Wasteland

Minor spoilers ahead. I originally jumped into Epic Mickey without reading any reviews or recent comments; I still don’t really know what the rest of the Infendo crew thinks of the game (according to post comments, I’m on one side

First Impressions: Epic Mickey is the best-looking game I’ve ever seen

I know beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but…wow. This game is freaking gorgeous. Screen shots don’t do it justice; You have to see it in motion on your own tv. It’s like a finely detailed chalk pastel painting