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Okamiden review: A pint-sized, simplified extra cute helping of Okami

When Okami debuted on the PS2, it garnered plenty of critical acclaim and eventually saw a version released for the Wii in 2008. Though it couldn’t quite rack up the impressive sales figures of a Zelda release (and actually holds

Nintendo news round-up: Chibiterasu still insufferably adorable and other tidbits

– Okamiden’s US release date of March 15th will be here before you know it. Check out three new trailers (one, two, three), and a couple of tempting pre-order bonuses: the Brush Touch Pen and Okamiden Art Screen Cleaner from

Miles Edgeworth not Released due to Piracy!?
This only affects certain european countries, but what if it happened here too!

According to Brizamila, the distributor for Capcom games in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they have announced that they will not be releasing Miles Edgeworth in those three countries. That is due to the amount of piracy that happens there, and