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What games bring you the most nostalgia?

Every year around Christmas time, I boot up one of my many consoles capable of playing Ocarina of Time and give the game whirl. It has been a tradition ever since the games release in 1998. For me, there is

3DS Game Gear Launch Catalog Gets Official

Hold onto your retro butts, people, because I’m about to lay down some sweet Game Gear nostalgia. This is the Game Gear launch lineup for the 3DS: Sonic & Tails 2 Sonic Drift 2 Columns The GG Shinobi Dragon Crystal:

ESRB rating teases something magical called “Burger Time HD”

I usually loathe how the video game industry has adopted the blockbuster sequel/remake mentality of Hollywood (for one thing it’s not as mature as cinema, and can’t hope to mimic this effectively), but then I see that the ESRB has

Nostalgia: The Legend of Zelda Game Manual

Do you remember when games gave you awesome instruction booklets? Not a flimsy black and white instruction manual on how to insert your game into your system, but a colorful book with story and descriptions of enemies and items? I