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Mario Galaxy tops Nintendo Power’s top 10 games of the decade

This just in: The March issue of Nintendo Power reportedly names the top 10 Nintendo games of the decade. They are as follows: Super Mario Galaxy Resident Evil 4 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess The Legend of Zelda: The

Internet steals Nintendo Power’s mojo, details entire July issue

NeoGAF member grandjedi6 subscribes to Nintendo Power so you don’t have to. In addition to scooping the new Astro Boy game, the latest issue (July 2009) reviewed a handful of choice Wii games, including a glowing review of Tiger 10.

Nintendo Power convinced me to NOT buy Pokemon Platinum

I was really excited to get Pokemon Platinum, which would be my first entry into the series!  No offense to the Pokemon Nation out there, but Nintendo Power just convinced me not to buy the new edition that comes out

Review: 20 Years of Nintendo Power is entertaining history abridged

Scott Pelland can write. As a staff writer and later managing editor of Nintendo Power for 20 years (1987-2007), I can’t think of a better historian to tell “the history of Nintendo through the pages of the official magazine,” which

7 low-profile Wii games that piqued my interest

While paging the latest issue of Nintendo Power, I spotted (or remembered) seven lower-profile Wii games that I’m curious about, in no particular order: Broken Sword: Director’s Cut Virtua Tennis 2009 MotoGP Tiger Wood 09 Deadly Creatures The House of

Poll – Nintendo Power

An interesting blurb from Iwata can be found in an article over at MTV.  It basically reassures the assumption that Nintendo farmed out the publishing of Nintendo Power to Future US because it is easier and cheaper for them to