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New Game Get – Radiant Historia and De Blob 2

Radiant Historia for DS includes an incredible pedigree of developers and is released by trusty Atlus. The game features a non-linear universe in which you can travel through time, learning from the events you have already seen transpire in the

New Game Get spends your holiday gift cards

The only two games coming out during the week of January 3rd-9th are Lost in Shadow for Wii and Sherlock Holmes and Mystery Of Osborne House for DS. Early reviews indicate that Lost in Shadow might not be as fun

New Get Game? Only on the Shop Channel, apparently

Looks like there aren’t any new physical media games coming out so close to Christmas, but over on the downloadable side of things it’s a different story. Frobot is now available for WiiWare and there’s even a free demo. It’s

New Game Get – 1980’s edition?

I honestly feel like I’m back in my childhood with releases including Tron and Super Mario Bros. Heck, I even watched a fair share of Yogi Bear cartoons when I was a kid. Click on in for all Wii &

New Game Get – for the week of 11/29-12/5

So, yeah, I forgot to put up the New Game Get post this week. Forgiveness, please. On the other hand, the only game worth mentioning that came out this week is Epic Mickey for Wii. Once I’m done playing Epic

Moonwalking into this week’s New Game Get

Time to gather the family around the Thanksgiving table and do some Moonwalking. Michael Jackson: The Experience leads this week’s New Game Get. Click on in for all Wii & DS games released November 22nd-28th.