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One thing Netflix needs to fix…

I love Netflix on Wii, especially the improved no-disc-required version. The company recently announced its commitment to greatly increasing the rate at which it adds new films and shows to the service, with an eye toward eventually phasing out DVDs

Disc-less Netflix streaming debuts on Wii

Today Nintendo released a free Netflix channel for download from the Wii Shop, which will allow Netflix subscribers to stream their movies through the service without the need to first insert a Netflix disc. A Netflix streaming subscription currently costs $8.99/month,

Good news, hosers! Netflix headed to Canadian Wii’s this fall

Good news for Infendo Nation North: Netflix will be available for your Wii this fall! I know a few comments in the past have indicated that more than one of you are from Canada (not including Zac). So who is

Here’s the Netflix commercial to promote streaming movies on Wii

One million people instantly stream Netflix movies on Wii. With more than 70 million systems in the wild, however, Netflix wants that to number to be much higher. So they released a cute little parody commercial in an effort to

Netflix Wii adoption not that bad

Netflix on Wii has been a modest success, reports Reggie Fils-Aime, with almost 1 million users logging in and using the disc-based service since its inception last month. As GamesIndustry.biz puts it, this information “flies in the face” of “analyst”

Update: My experience with Netflix on the Wii

About two weeks back I happened to receive a free Netflix disc for the Nintendo Wii that came with a perk of a free month of service from Nintendo themselves. I already had a Netflix account so the free month