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Nintendo TVii to FINALLY launch in North America on Dec. 20

After an unexpected delay just days before the Wii U’s launch, Nintendo TVii will finally arrive on Nintendo’s newest console in North America on December 20. Nintendo TVii is a free, integrated service that will allow Wii U users to

3D video coming to Nintendo 3DS?

According to Nintendo of America, 3DS users will soon have the ability to “enjoy FREE, specially selected video content that includes 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos.”  This information was confirmed after speculation of Netflix streaming 3D movies

Nintendo negotiating Wii U video content streaming services

As of last summer more people streamed Netflix using a Wii than any other medium. Nintendo is now attempting to negotiate deals with other content providers to expand its streaming options on the upcoming Wii U. Nintendo is working on

3DS Netflix arrives and works great. Except for one thing…

Netflix hit the eShop today! After a quick download (free) and a couple of hours testing, I’m happy to report that the 3DS version of Netflix is fast, uses the dual screens well, and delivers–mostly–a very enjoyable, satisfying experience. Films

Nintendo 3DS to receive Nintendo Video, Netflix

One of the most interesting features of the 3DS is its ability to play 3D video content. In the US, the only 3D video content to be found was a trailer for Green Lantern and a video feature jumping dogs.

Nintendo news round-up: Netflix disc rendered useless, new Club Nintendo rewards and more

– The Wii Netflix instant streaming disc’s functionality is being given a traditional burial and will be shot into the sun on February 16th. If you’re still using the disc instead of the downloadable Netflix channel, you might want to