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Mario Party 9 Site Updated

On March 11th, the 9th installment of the Mario Party series will debut to the public.  With a whopping 80 mini games, a co op and competitive play for up to four players, and the new boss battles, it is

Would New Games for Old Systems Really Be That Bad?

Recently, Dan posted an article about a new Super Nintendo game in development.  As I read the article I felt a chill of excitement run down my spine and started thinking, would this really be a bad idea if it

I’m Sorry, I Can’t Come To Work Today, I Hurt Myself Playing Nintendo!

When I mention “Nintendo Thumb”, all of the old school gamers know what I am talking about.  The symptoms are the blistering, paraesthesia and swelling of the thumbs, mainly through use of the use o the directional pad. As much as I love the

Most Difficult Boss?

We all hate to admit defeat, and I especially loathe to lose.  But I have to admit something that I am not proud of.  In fact, I am ashamed of.  I have never defeated any of the “Weapon” bosses in

Nintendo Playstation?

As Gamers we all know that back in the day Nintendo and Sega were the big dogs.  Neither could be touched, and those who tried quickly suffered the worst dog bit imaginable.  Of course times change, Sega faded away, and

Evolution of Nintendo

With Nintendo evolving once again with the release of the Nintendo 3DS as well as the anxiously awaited Wii U, I thought it would be cool to look back at Nintendo from its beginning.  Above you will see the classic