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Tank! Tank! Tank!

Back in the Atari days, there was a little game called combat, in which two players battled each other with the use of tanks.  Basically, it was a glorified pong type game, but it was awesome!  I can remember playing

Pac-Man Smash trademarked by Namco Bandai

Namco Bandai applied for a European trademark on April 4th for, what we can assume is, a game titled Pac-Man Smash.  There is no further information available at this time, but I am sure there is plenty of speculation out

Knowing Tekken will include a 3D feature film, are you more likely to buy?

Right now the internet’s buzzing about Namco Bandai’s upcoming 3DS fighter Tekken 3D Prime Edition. No release date yet, but most talk centers around the company’s decision to include its recent feature film Tekken: Blood Vengeance on the cartridge in

Pandora’s Tower, first look

When Pandora’s Tower was first announced back in February, details about the title were…well we didn’t have any. Now we have video! There are still no details on exactly what type of game Pandora’s Tower will be, but my guess is

XSEED picks up Fragile for stateside release

XSEED Games today announced plans to bring the Japanese Wii game Fragile to North America. Subtitled Farewell Ruins of the Moon, the acclaimed role-playing game released in Japan earlier this year and was widely praised as one of the most

XSEED Sets Their Eyes on Fragile for the Wii

…Fragile, it’s a title that’s been requested many times before so we’re looking into it… – Ken @ XSEED Games