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Heroes of Ruin drops in less than a month, have a gameplay trailer to help you wait it out [updated]

Heroes of Ruin was one of the best games I saw last year for 3DS at E3 2011, and by the looks of it, it seems as if it will be one of 2012’s best games for the system. Drop

Rollercoaster Tycoon barreling toward 3DS

Some people, like John Ivers of Indiana, have the guts and ingenuity to build a working rollercoaster in their back yard. For most folks, however, coaster construction is limited to virtual worlds, and Nintendo fans can soon join the fun

First Heroes of Ruin gameplay trailer emerges

Ever since getting my grubby hands on Heroes of Ruin at the Nintendo booth at E3, I knew that the Diablo-style gameplay was exactly what the doctor ordered. Today in preparation for the Gamescom 2011 video game show in Cologne,

Rumor: Heroes of Ruin for 3DS coming from SquareEnix, n-Space

This one’s a doozy. Coming from the Facebook page of  developer n-Space, concept art for Heroes of Ruin was spotted with info that the title will allegedly be a new 3DS title published by Square-Enix. The game will also feature a panther wielding a humongous