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Pokemon No. 719 is revealed

The 719th Pokemon has been revealed. The new rock and fairy type called Diancie will formally make its debut in the latest Pokemon movie, titled Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie. The movie is due out in Japan on July 19.

An opening cinema worth buying the game for

Kingdom Hearts 3D is a wonderful game *and* a fun monster pet sim. On top of that, it features the most brilliant opening cinema I’ve ever seen. It’s very much like a Disney theme park attraction, in that you can’t

Holy chalupa! The Phoenix Wright movie is coming to the US. You won’t find any objections from me!

If there was one thing that I thought would never happen, it would have been the Ace Attorney movie getting an English adaptation. Color me surprised when this morning I opened my inbox to find a press release stating exactly

This live action Phoenix Wright movie should come to America, but alas, it most likely won’t

First footage of the Japanese Phoenix Wright movie have hit the interwebs, and movie looks surprisingly accurate to the video game counterpart. If only I could speak Japanese because, yeah, this DEFINITELY not coming stateside. You can take that to

Rule 42: Never pay more for a movie game than for the movie itself (usually)

How to Train Your Dragon knocked me out back in March–So much so that I actually bought the Wii game. The game (DOA-style arena dragon fighting with a terrific hub village) is actually quite fun, but—in retrospect—I should’ve just gone