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[Update] Monolith Soft’s X now titled Xenoblade Chronicles X. Slated for 2015

A new trailer for Monolith Soft’s X for the Wii U was shown during Nintendo’s Digital Event, and it has a new title: Xenoblade Chronicles X. Not much was detailed as far as gameplay mechanics in the trailer, but we

A look at X, the new RPG from Monolith Soft

During today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata showed off more footage of Monolith Soft’s open-world RPG, X. First unveiled at a January Nintendo Direct, X has caught the attention of the JRPG community with its lush visuals and production values.

Monolith Soft confirmed as Project X Zone developer

Coming off of the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles, you would think that Monolith Soft would have another RPG title in the pipeline. Well, they do, but it’s now what you might expect. In the latest Famitsu magazine, Kouji Ishitani and Souichiro

Review: Why Xenoblade Chronicles deserves a trip into GameStop

There’s no doubt, playing Xenoblade Chronicles is like having a second job. I put over 90 hours into the game and still could have gotten more out of it. If you’re worried about not getting your money’s worth for the