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Could the Wii use a MMO?

With almost 60 milllion consoles in homes around the world the Wii could be the next major launch pad for a MMO. Anything from major monthly-payment titles to free-to-play micro transaction games could find a successful home on the Wii. It all comes down

Monster Hunter G online to cost monthly in Japan

Famitsu’s live blog has reported that the highly popular Monster Hunter G’s online features will require a monthly subscription in Japan. Capcom will charge 800 points for one month, 1500 for two months, and 2000 for three months. Famitsu is

Warhammer Online dev: Nintendo only company capable of console MMO

Warhammer Online creative director Paul Barnett seems to think that if an MMO is to be successfully launched in the console arena, Nintendo will be the only company that could do it justice. “You would have to build something very