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Rare: Avatar Development Started before Mii?

As a lot of people know Mii’s are pretty cool, and we have all spent tons of hours customizing and making unique ones of our friends and of various characters that we like. So it’s not surprising another company would

Wii version of Guitar Hero 4 supports ‘Mii Freestyle’ mode

Multiple sources out of the 2008 Leipzig Gaming Convention are confirming a Wii specific mode in Guitar Hero World Tour called ‘Mii Freestyle’. This new mode does not only allow you to play as your Mii avatars, but also utilizes

7,000 Mii Parade

Infendo reader/listener, CaliHurBoy is at it again. Today he brings you a whopping 7,000 Mii parade! Talk about a lot of friend codes. Great job, CaliHurBoy!  Here’s to 10,000!

5,000 Mii Parade March

Another insane Mii collection video by CaliHurBoy. I’d also like to bring attention to the latest issue (v.223) of Nintendo Power, in which our own CaliHurBoy was mentioned in the readers pulse section for his Mii parade videos! Keep it

Check Mii Out Channel to be released Nov. 11

It’s no secret that fans of Nintendo’s Wiiâ„¢ system love their Miiâ„¢ characters – those adorably cartoonish caricatures of friends and family members that can be used in games like Wii Sportsâ„¢. Some of the more artistic fans have even

4,000 Mii Parade video

Our old friend California HurBoy is at it again, this time documenting his Mii Parade’s growth to 4,000 goofy looking characters. How many Miis are in your parade?