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First details, art and screenshots for Mighty Switch Force 2

Moments ago via their Twitter account WayForward has revealed first details on upcoming 3DS game Mighty Switch Force 2. Directly from WayForwards website: Patricia Wagon returns to heat things up with a refreshing spray of blaze-battling action/puzzles. This time Officer

Free DLC from WayForward is the Way it Should Be

Yesterday’s long-awaited, story-extending DLC for Batman Arkham City, which came with a $10 price tag, reminded me of a similar game-extending gem that hit Nintendo’s e-Shop last week for WayForward’s excellent platformer, Mighty Switch Force. Five new levels, a new

eShop delivers pre-holiday cheer

Three great additions to the 3DS eShop appeared yesterday…and one’s a terrific freebie! Swapnote, at the wonderful price of zero, finally arrived to give 3DS users a simple, fun way to send sketches, notes and photos to friends or streetpass

Screenshots of Mighty Switch Force hit the web, continues to impress

WayForward Technologies has revealed its newest project to be Mighty Switch Force, a action heavy sidescroller to be released on the eShop. The Facebook page for Mighty Switch Force was just updated with screenshots from the game, and by my calculation, it’s

Mighty Switch Force coming from Wayforward

It’s no secret that Infendo loves Wayforward Technologies and the unique titles they bring to the table. From Contra to Shantae, Wayforward has delivered the goods. In an interview with Nintendo Power Matt Bozon reveals what the studio will be