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Miyamoto Talks Metroid, Zelda, And Wii U

In a recent interview with French website, Gamekult.com, Miyamoto was asked a series of questions about his role in the Wii U development, the future of Metroid, and how link was named. Of course, there is not a lot of

Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run

Last week I featured an article about a NES tribute album called NEScapism.  This week, I have another tribute album to introduce you to! I received a message from the webmaster of a Metroid fan website called Shinesparkers.   He wanted

Video: Metroid Lore in a Minute

The fine folks of the YouTube channel Lore in a Minute! have recently compiled a Metroid-specific edition of their humorous video game backstory videos. The video, in rapid-fire succession, details Samus Aran’s origins all the way to the end of

Video: Metroid fan film made on a $200 budget

Video game fan films are becoming more and more of a common occurrence through the Internet. Some of these fan-made videos range from serious/pet projects to just a straight unabashed parodies. The common thread between these though is that each

Will Star Fox X Metroid be shown at E3?

Two weeks ago one megaton a rumor started swirling around the Internet in the form of a Star Fox, Metroid, crossover. Well more info on that game has surfaced today. Does that mean we can expect to see Star Fox

Rumor: Star Fox/Metroid crossover to be developed by Retro Studios?

First and foremost, this news should be taken with a huge, HUGE grain of salt. According to a post on The Paul Gale Network, (the same site who was notorious for starting the Rocksteady Games/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rumor) they