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Bayonetta 2 Playable at New York Comic Con

  Interested in trying out Bayonetta 2 before its release in 2014? Well, New York Comic-Con is your chance! Nintendo will have a playable version of Bayonetta 2  on the show floor. NYCC runs from October 10-13 and will be

What developer would you like to see take over your favorite Nintendo franchise?

Nintendo has long been very selective over their key franchises such as Mario and Zelda. Only in the last couple of three years has Nintendo actually trusted a company to take charge of their key independent properties. Sure, Grezzo was

Would You Play This HD Mario?

I saw this video in my Facebook News feed.  I was unsure what to expect at first, then I clicked the play button.  The visual was amazing, and although the game play needs a bit of work, I would love

What does Nintendo need to bring to E3?

Sony and Microsoft both have next gen consoles on the way. Soon. This much we know for sure. As for whether or not they will be show stoppers and garner enough support to take whatever momentum the Wii U has

Hardest Mario Level Ever!

What is your most hated Mario Level?  

The Moon Is Coming!

A friend shared this yesterday, and I could not stop staring at it.