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What does Nintendo need to bring to E3?

Sony and Microsoft both have next gen consoles on the way. Soon. This much we know for sure. As for whether or not they will be show stoppers and garner enough support to take whatever momentum the Wii U has

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

I love Mario Kart, I have since it first debuted, but I have a confession… I think that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed might push its way ahead of our buddy Mario.  The game looks fantastic, and if the

Good guys celebrate Kart patch while cheating crybabies quit in huff

Ah, can you feel the fresh air? Now’s a great time to go online in Mario Kart 7 as fans around the globe keep picking the Maka Wuhu track to celebrate the recent patch with a cheat-free dash along the

Mario Kart 7 patch available in eShop

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mario Kart 7 has been patched. Head over to eShop to download the game update, which fixes the shortcut issues in Maka Wuhu, Wuhu Island Loop, and Bowser Castle 1 (I didn’t know about that last one).

Bad news for cheaters: Mario Kart 7’s getting patched!

Another recent Nintendo Direct highlight featured the announcement of next week’s3DS firmware update, adding home screen folders and patching abilities. Best of all, Mario Kart 7’s getting a much-needed patch in May — hopefully eliminating the infamous Maka-Wuhu shortcut. Kingdom

More Online Mario Kart (7) “Impossibilities”- We Can Laugh About ’em Now…

…and laugh is what I hope you all do at the following recollections of what surely should be impossibilities in the world of gaming. That’s what we’re thinking anyway as we cruise down the tracks of Mario Kart 7, forgetting