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About our Mario Kart 7 community nights…

Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942 I was glad to see that, even though I only encountered about two other racers during our first MK 7 community night, other racers have found chances to duke it out with each other on the Infendo

More thoughts about Mario Kart 7

Two weeks in, my enjoyment of Mario Kart 7 shows no sign of fading. The online races work so well, this title alone could keep my 3DS in action for the system’s lifespan, just as online racing in Mario Kart

Let’s have our first Mario Kart 7 community night, shall we?

Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942 Here’s what I propose: Saturday, December 17; 7:00 p.m. US/Eastern. There’s no way we can arrange for a time that suits everyone, but if you miss out, don’t worry: this won’t be the last community night! I

Take your kart-racing online and join Infendo’s Mario Kart 7 Community!

Community Code: 20-1691-6700-3942 Joining a community in Mario Kart 7 is very simple. In the main menu, select “Online Multiplayer” (you’ll need to be connected to the internet, of course). From the online menu, select “Communities”, then select “Search by

What’s your favorite new gameplay element in Mario Kart 7? Mine buys kart parts

Don’t you love diving into a new Mario Kart game? You get the fun of discovery, the return of old friends, the annoyance of that one guy online picking SNES Rainbow Road every single time… In this generally terrific game,

Review: Mario Kart 7 delivers incredible gameplay, the best Rainbow Road ever and one aggravating omission

Before playing Mario Kart 7 for the first time, keep your expectations realistic. This game doesn’t blow away Mario Kart DS or Mario Kart Wii, but instead stands confidently beside them as another great, vastly entertaining installment. It looks and