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Nintendo Says Super Mario Bros. U is What the Fans Want

Over the years, Nintendo has allowed Mario to evolve with the times yet still allow him to retain his original demeanor.  From his 8 bit humble beginnings, to his career in the racing circuit, Mario has transitioned nicely to the

Super Mario: King of Swing

If this video doesn’t make you want to do the Mario, you have some serious problems, mister. (Thanks for the tip, Ben!)

Poll: Does anyone prefer Luigi over Mario?

{democracy:135} If yes, do elaborate in the comments, will you?

Luigi made our pizza last night

It’s a small world.

Trailer: Luigi invades Super Mario Galaxy 2

I’m not sure how I missed this yesterday, but I did. This one goes out to all you day-laters out there.

Nintendo trademarks Luigi’s Mansion Again!
Dooo do do dooo~ Do-dooo do dooooo~??

Nintendo has recently renewed/set up a new trademark for Luigi’s Mansion. While I am pretty sure Nintendo is just making sure they still hold the rights for their titles… I think it would be nice if we happened to see