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Iwata Talks The Demise of Friend Codes, Miiverse. More To Come.

In a post-financial briefing analyst discussion last week, Iwata discussed a few things of interest concerning the (fast approaching!) Wii U. Details regarding Miiverse, as well as Nintendo’s overall online strategy,  in particular, have been…. Scant. Well, good news, a

Nintendo Not Concerned With Being First to Market With Next Gen Console

Satoru Iwata has stated that Being first to the market with the Wii U is not that important.  Sure the advantage of launching before the other two players does put them ahead of the game, but what is more important

Will Consumers Benefit From Nintendo’s 3DS Pricing Mistakes?

I think it is safe to say that everyone reading this is pumped about the Wii U.  The games appear to be fun and we get to see the return of some classic characters as well as a few new. 

Special Nintendo Direct AiringTonight at Midnight EST

Be sure to tune in to tonight’s Midnight EST (9PM Pacific)  Nintendo Direct Live Event!  The broadcast can be viewed by visiting the Nintendo Direct homepage.  Satoru Iwata will be presenting news about the WII, DS, and 3DS.  Sorry, there

Mario Kart 7 is more Texan than you think!

It’s official: Retro Studios in Austin, Texas is one of the coolest places to work on the planet. Right after Retro had finished Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo enlisted them for the next chapter of Mario Kart. Their involvement reached

Super Mario 3D Land offers two different 3D views for gameplay

In the final weeks of game development, the team behind Super Mario 3D Land took a look at the nearly-finished Mariokart 7, liked what they saw, and promptly altered the way you experience 3D in their platformer.