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Nintendo denies rumors of new mobile strategy

Rumors have been circulating through the media that Nintendo plans to unveil a mobile gaming business strategy this Thursday during an investors briefing. The report, which came from Dr. Serkan Toto of The Nikkei, claims that Nintendo plans to “use smartphones to

Iwata Refuses To Lay Off Employees

This weekend’s discussion got a little heated at times,however, good or bad, I found a lot of passion for Nintendo.  Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, everyone that commented seems to want to see Nintendo prosper. 

Iwata’s Thoughts On Social Media Connectivity

Social media is part of our daily lives in one form or another.  When Nintendo hyped up the MiiVerse, I expected that there would be some sort of connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  However, when that connectivity was not there,

Report: Nintendo Will Not Hold Major E3 Presser This Year

Speaking with investors, Satoru Iwata mentioned about scaling down the glitz and glamour of major E3 press conferences in favor of smaller events. “Unlike previous years, we will not have a large-scale [E3] presentation directed to everyone in the world. Instead,

Nintendo Direct 01.08.2013

The first Nintendo Direct of 2013 is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6AM EST.  Included in the broadcast will be news about Pokémon, which is said to be for viewers worldwide.  Sounds good for those of us in North America.

Iwata: New 3D Zelda and Mario Games In The Future

Recently, Nintendo has hinted at a new 3D Zelda game, as well as a new Mario game in development for the Wii U.  Iwata spoke to IGN, and reassured us that both games are in the works. “as we develop