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How I’d love to see Nintendo exploit iOS

Nintendo faithful, please don’t take offense at what I’m about to say. I’m not suggesting for one moment that Nintendo get out of the hardware business or port its most famous characters to iOS. I’m a card-carrying 3DS fanatic, and

Another DS classic hits iPhone while 3DS eShop gets a great original. Everybody wins!

The last time a critically-acclaimed DS game (Scribblenauts) jumped to iPhone, it was a kick in the gut for Nintendo fans, because the 3DS library wasn’t exactly stellar at the time. This time around, things are rosier. Not only is

If you had 24 hours to call the shots at Nintendo, what would you do?

Imagine: suddenly you’re in charge at Nintendo. You’ve got just 24 hours to order any course of action, and the deal is, once you’ve ordered it, the company will do its best to carry out your wishes for the next

One of DS’s most beloved franchises just hit iPhone. Can Nintendo recapture the casual gaming market? Should they even try?

Scribblenauts Remix, a “best of” blend of DS’s two well-reviewed Scribblenauts releases (plus some new levels), just hit the App Store for $4.99. And it’s awesome–one of the strongest titles in the iOS library. This is no lazy port of

Look who’s making an unauthorized appearance on iPhone!

There’s an interesting free app available for iPhone called i3D. An experiment in face-tracking via the front camera, it shifts the perspective of several demo objects as if you were looking at three dimensional scenes. It’s interesting and fun, but

You can control 3DS music player with iPhone earbuds

Nintendo 3DS Blog discovered (via YouTube) that you can use iPhone earbuds to pause or skip tracks on the 3DS music player. Kind of a neat feature that hasn’t been touted by Nintendo. Just another reason, like SpotPass, StreetPass, and