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Infendo Radio Live!! Tonight!!!


Hey Infendo! Live podcasting is all the rage now adays, and we’re going to record a show at Nine O’Clock EST. If you plan to participating in the live chat to ask us questions head over to the new forums around that time, or click on the chat link above.

If you can’t make it to a live show and want to ask us a question be sure to send us an e-mail here

Posted by Will Thompson 19.05.2010 in All
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Infendo Forums – We Want YOU!

Infendo Forums - We Want YOU!

Feeling an itch to discuss your opinions with fellow mature Infendo readers? Register over at the official Infendo forums today. We 100% guarantee you’ll find something to talk about. Oh and we have free ice cream!

Check back in the next few weeks for some Infendo Wifi Nights.

Posted by Jake 12.09.2009 in Uncategorized
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The Button-Mashers game for Charity

The Button-Mashers game for Charity

untitledGreetings fellow Infendoians!

The same people from the Infendo Forums who brought you the March Break gaming marathon is back to marathon again! They will be doing the same format as before, on a live web stream showing the game and the players themselves. As they play their list of games in order, we encourage viewers to donate money to raise funds towards a meaningful cause, Child’s Play. Last Marathon they raised approximately 440.00 dollars last time. The donations will be in paypal format, as we transfer the funds directly to the charity itself.

The site used to host the stream is Ustream.
Live feed and list of games after the break.

Posted by Will Thompson 06.08.2009 in Uncategorized
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What do You Readers Like to be Called?

What do You Readers Like to be Called?


Joshdad, one of our main Infendo forum contributors and an awesome moderator posted a thread a few days ago. He basically asked what the readers of the forums and infendo would like to be called?

What are we?

Infendoites, Infendonites, Infendonians, Infendoians,
Infendoists, Infendoans, Something else?

What do you think we should be called?
I vote for Infendonites.
(Maybe we could be the Knights who say “infendo”)

So I pose the question to you all, what do you think you should be called?

Also visit our forums! Be sure to check out the original forum post!!

Posted by Will Thompson 27.05.2009 in Uncategorized
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Update: Vidya Marathon – Is Over.

Update: Vidya Marathon - Is Over.

Some of our Infendo Forums users, Shinoji and Abysmal, as well as their friends, have dedicated their spring break to raising money for Penny Arcade charity, Child’s Play. Even though their marathon is now over and did not manage to meet their goal of 1,000 dollars. They did manage to raise 435.44 dollars, which was just short of half their goal. Even though they are not playing any games anymore they are accepting donations until March 15th. So if any kind soul out there wants to help them make it to the halfway point, they will gladly accept it.

You can visit their website at Mogulus or hit the jump below to find out what games they played and how to donate.

Posted by Will Thompson 05.03.2009 in Uncategorized
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Happy New Years Infendo

YouTube Preview Image

Happy New Years Infendoites! So where exactly were you guys when the ball dropped.  I’m pretty sure we all knew Link was in Termina, but we want to know what exactly you guys were doing. Did you have fun, play any games, make any solid New Years Resolutions? Let us know in the comments.

Posted by Will Thompson 01.01.2009 in All
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