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Breaking: Miyamoto steps down from his position at Nintendo, will focus on smaller games

Miyamoto. The man needs no introduction. He has been a mainstay in the industry almost since it’s inception, and today it has been revealed that he is stepping down from his position as Senior Managing Director and General Manager of

The tale of Satoru Iwata and third party titles

Satoru Iwata is the fourth president of Nintendo, and has seen the company through it’s highest highs, and now it’s lowest lows. For Nintendo to get back on top, it is going to take something special from Iwata, and in

Iwata and Nintendo think 3DS is on the right track for success, set gameplan for 2012 and beyond

Nintendo has heard your (and mine) cries and pleas for new game content on 3DS, that is if you believe what Mr. Iwata has said to investors in the company’s quarterly financial results briefing. Iwata even goes as far as

The Nintendo games of tomorrow

It’s fair to say that the view we are currently afforded of Nintendo’s future products is rather lopsided. We know quite a bit about new hardware. The 3DS is already in our hands and the Wii U was unveiled months

Is Nintendo following in the footsteps of Sega and Atari? Not likely.

Look, I won’t sugar coat it for you, Nintendo is certainly in a funk at the moment with the slow sales of the 3DS and the absence of games for Wii. Should we all jump ship and swear off Nintendo

3DS numbers looking up for the month of August

For the month of August, Nintendo saw a healthy surge in sales for the 3DS as the console managed to move 235,000 units in the U.S., approximately 185,000 of them coming after the August 12 price drop. This increase amounts