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The state of Nintendo, and how the company will fare in 2013

Nintendo didn’t exactly have a banner year in 2012. After what I consider to be a very successful 2011 what with the launch of a new console and the release of a fantastic Zelda title, 2012 just didn’t live up

Nintendo To Remove Indie Dev Office Restriction?

In the latest of a few big steps towards making the eShop a not just viable, but maybe even preferable, platform for indie games studios Nintendo may be about to drop the somewhat archaic ‘office restriction’. Previously, to receive a Nintendo

What do you think? Will the Wii U change the gaming landscape?

With the Wii U on the horizon, it’s obvious that Nintendo is ready for a change of pace. While the console may not offer the highest specs available, they definitely are on track to change the way we think about

What does the hiring of Duncan Orrell-Jones mean for Nintendo?

Just to be frank, it’s no secret that Nintendo has been in last place when it comes to online this last generation. Not only has Nintendo stubbornly stuck with what many would consider an antiquated online system with their friend

Ten things Nintendo should do with Wii U

Nintendo is a company that has seen its fair share of good times and bad times in the recent decade, but things look to be on the up. 3DS is selling well of late, Wii U is on the horizon,

What to expect from Nintendo this year

2011 was one heck of a roller coaster ride for Nintendo fans, wouldn’t you say? After coming off what I still consider to be one of the top five games to be released on Wii in Donkey Kong Country Returns