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DSi LL Japan Launch Coverage

The newest iteration of Nintendo’s dual-screen juggernaut launched in Japan over the weekend, and Infendo was at Akihabara’s Yodobashi Camera early to chat up the crowd that had lined up to be among the first to get the DSi LL.

Do you take this DS, in low-battery and in health…

Last week we reported on Konami’s “Love Plus:” the reputedly addictive new DS dating-sim from Japan. While a hit dating-sim is nothing new to the creators of the notorious “Tokimeki Memorial” series, fandom reached a new level recently when an

Infendo’s Holiday Gift Guide 2008 Edition

Looking for that right gift for that Nintendo fan big or small? Not sure what to get your grandma who is interested in the Nintendo Wii? Got a little nephew who is into anime and role playing games but you’re

Mother 3 Translation Patch to go Live soon

Mother 3 was initially released on 2006 on April 20th, furthermore, it was intended to be a Japan only title. Most fans of the series were completely crushed when they discovered this. As the only Mother game to make it

The Wii Virtual Console import tax

I’ve seen a few people post about this at blogs like 4cr and Aeropause, so I thought it would be worth a post here to see what you guy and gals think. The query is about first party imports on