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Happy new year from Infendo! (with bonus question inside)

Another year down the tubes. Thanks for all your comments, loyalty, and participation over the last year, readers. And do tell: What would you like to see happen in 2010?

GameGo’s Holiday training Video
This video might have something to do with Mega64 and GameStop

Don’t you just love fictitious game sellers.

~Happy Holidays from Infendo!~
What did you get for the Holidays?

They say the holidays are all about doing a little something extra for the people you love, and for those you don’t know as well. Did any readers out there do something special for anyone these holidays, or did you

Happy Holidays from Atlus
Bringing back some of that 2D with 3D dots

I’m really looking forward to 2010! Happy Holidays Atlus!

Happy Halloween from Infendo!

Playing any spooky games today? [photo from flickr]

Happy Independence Day from Infendo!

Happy 4th everyone! Playing any games this weekend or are you getting out of the house for a cookout and some fireworks? [picture from ytmnd]