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Infendo Radio 370 – Holiday Video Game Music Special

Infendo Radio

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! This week Infendo Radio comes to you a day early so as to help celebrate the holidays with video game music! In this episode of Infendo Radio will be a video game winter music

CNET names Wii U the tech gift to avoid this Holiday season

With the Holiday season about to crank into full gear, many technology and video game websites/publications have been gathering together their annual gift guides. Some of these guides either cater consumers to what products to buy and which ones to

Find any good Holiday Weekend game deals?

If you brave the shopping craziness this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for Wii & DS game bargains. Dig through the shovelware shelves and you might find some worthwhile titles hidden among the M&M Racers and Chuck E. Cheese’s Party

Nintendo Spotting: Pokémon Easter Eggs

Never has an Easter Egg been so proud to be decorated than it has been today. Graced with the red, black and white color scheme of a Pokéball, this egg might be confused for the real thing by any Pokémon

How I cheated Christmas with an NES in 1988

This story comes from the personal files. Given the Christmas season and its strong association with new video games for boys and girls the world over, here is one of my most memorable experiences as a video game enthusiast. Though