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Infendo Hands-On – Dead Rising: Cream of the Flop

I’m a big fan of zombie mayhem, and with the Xbox 360 hovering just above my price range, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Dead Rising: Chop ‘till you Drop. Screenshots of the Wii version have been heavily criticized for having bad

The Conduit to feature LAN play, publisher to be named “in the coming month”

Tech-focused Web site Ars Technica went hands-on with The Conduit, High Voltage Software’s hotly anticipated Wii shooter, at PAX and came away with glowing impressions, as well as news for Wii owners who might be skeptical the publisher-less game will

Capcom selling Mega Man 9 with minimal effort and maximum fanfare

With each day and subsequent disappointment, I am getting less and less excited for Mega Man 9. To clear vernacular discrepancies, I feel there is a distinction between “excitement” and “anticipation.” For example, I was excited when I first saw

Shadow of the Colossus proves that “good enough” graphics are still relevant

Does the above in-game screenshot look three years old to you? It shouldn’t (even though it is) because Shadow of the Colossus for PS2 is still one of the most impressive-looking titles to behold, next-gen consoles included.

IGN reveals ambitious new Wii-exclusive FPS

IGN yesterday revealed an exclusive first look at High Voltage Software’s The Conduit, an ambitious first-person shooter in development exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Contrary to the unfortunate nature of most third-party Wii afterthoughts, High Voltage is putting substantial effort

Ace Combat devs make good on Wii graphics

According to N4G (sourcing Japanese site Famitsu), the above is one of several initial screenshots for the upcoming Wii exclusive game, Sky Crawlers, from the makers of Ace Combat. Looking good, boys (for a cut scene). Who’s got next? Factor?