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LOL: Be careful what you ask for, Nintendo 64 Kid

Personally, this scenario isn’t all that far-fetched. I had a similar moment happen to me when the Virtual Boy I received for Christmas in 1995 started to shoot lasers and pluck out my retinas, while forcing me to endlessly play Waterworld.

Dorkly hits the modern day platformer on the nose

Sometimes Dorkly just gets it right. Not much going on in the world of Nintendo today, so I thought I would drop this comedy bit that has been making its way around the interwebs. Got to love video game humor,

Friday Night Funnies!

This video has been tossed around the interwebs today, and since my handheld game of choice at the moment is Pokemon Black, it feels very appropriate. Anyone else planning on going as magikarp this Halloween after watching the video?

Face Raiders mug shots!

Upon my initial boot up of the 3DS, I just had to try out the cool Face Raiders app that come pre-installed on every 3DS. After taking pictures of everyone I live with (which includes my girlfriend and 2 cats),

Now you’re sleeping with power: The Nintendo Sleep System

Could this be the perfect bedding set for the ultimate Nintendo fan? Or will it virtually guarantee you have no player 2? Either way, you’d best be careful not to cheat while using the Nintendo Sleep System, or your game

Despite full schedule, Link easily distracted

Only a Zelda game can make doing menial chores for total strangers fun. These are some of my favorite side quests. What are yours? Or aren’t you a fan of Link’s distractions?