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Infendo PSA: Download Four Swords before it’s too late!

Infendo PSA: Download Four Swords before it's too late!

The 25th anniversary of Zelda may have happened in 2011, but Nintendo has still given you time to download a free trip to Hyrule on your 3DS or DSi. If you own one of the two handhelds, you have until February 20 to download Four Swords on the DSiWare and the 3DS eshop. Act soon and stop procrastinating, you only have until Monday!

Four Swords was originally a free add-on the the Game Boy Advance version of Link to the Past. With three friends, the game is a blast! I actually downloaded the game on my 3DS and my DSi, just so I could loan out one of my systems when I wanted to play the game with a friend. I still think it was a missed opportunity for Nintendo to not add an online mode, but that’s another story.

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Posted by Eugene Allen 16.02.2012 in All
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eShop welcomes Ambassadors

eShop welcomes Ambassadors

3DS owners, today’s eShop update includes–along with Mario’s Picross and three DSiware titles–a welcome message to all its freshly-inducted Ambassadors. (Toadsworth isn’t actually the program mascot, but he should be: He’s classy, he’s good with PR, and he needs the work.)

“You are a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador!” proclaims the message, which can be found under the “News” tab. It goes on to remind you of the program’s benefits:

Starting September 1st, Ambassadors can download 10 free NES VC games, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Flight, Ice Climber, and The Legend of Zelda.

10 free GBA games will be available to Ambassadors by the end of 2011. These include Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, Warioware, Inc., and Mario Vs. Donkey Kong.

Posted by Richard 04.08.2011 in All
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Update: Wii Internet Channel now free

The free, then un-free Wii Internet Channel is now free again, reports Those of you who didn’t download in time and were forced to pay the 500 Wii Point to get this oft-unused Wii Channel will have the option of downloading a free NES Virtual Console game come October. That is all.

Posted by Jack 01.09.2009 in All
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