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Youtube Tuesday – Return of the Brawl Hacks

Seems a group of hackers [DasDonkey Team and Kitty Corp] have created a texture hack that replaces Ike with Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. Texture hacks aren’t exactly new in the world of brawl hacks, but a complete replacement

Guest review – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

[Here’s a guest review by srkelley of the Infendo Forums!] Inconsistent. This word describes this game perfectly. The game starts off on a high note with excellent pacing and varied gameplay. Music will play with your ears and the sense

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy Advance

Hmm. Little weired if you ask me.

Classic Commercials – Final Fantasy III

Also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan.

New Game Get enjoys the royal treatment this week

Fun stuff this week includes Little King’s Story for Wii and the WiiWare release of My Life As A Darklord. Sadly there are no retro goodies on the Virtual Console.  And it’s another awesome week for Rock Band 2 owners

Final Fantasy VI DS Rumor was a Fan Made WIP

If anyone remembers that article I posted a while back about a rumored remake of Final Fantasy VI? It would seem that the creation was not actually made by Square but by a very dedicated fan by the name of