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Retro Redux: NES Quest – You don’t just beat NES games…or do you?

095-Retro Redux_NES Quest Games

I know it’s been a while since the last update on NES Quest and even longer since the last report card, so this post is long overdue! First, a (very) brief update: I never did get around to playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II with a friend again, so that’s why I’ve been holding off on a report card. But I have had the time to play StarTropics, which is, of course, single player. It’s really great, but that’s all I’m going to say for now.

Today’s topic is summarized in this post’s title. I’ve heard this from at least a couple of people; you don’t just beat NES games! …Or do you? Most games are meant to be completed in some fashion, whether it’s getting 100% or just finishing the story and watching the credits roll. Many NES games are the same.

These thoughts have been rolling around in my head for a while now. I once tried to beat the original Legend of Zelda using a detailed walkthrough. The guide got me through at least 4 or 5 dungeons, but what it couldn’t do was fight my battles: I got hung up in a room with 3 Darknuts. The challenge was just too great. Unless you want me to spend all of my free time playing just 1 game, I’m not sure I’ll ever beat The Legend of Zelda.

Old games are hard. And I’ve noticed that, as adults, we have more of a drive to win than we did as kids. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t beat Super Mario Bros. growing up. It was just fun to play.

So I just want to pose some questions for you: first, how crucial do you think it is for me to “beat” the NES games I play for this project? It might be a question of how many games I tackle: would you rather have me play and experience, but not finish, a wide variety of games or should I play a smaller quantity, but work at them until I beat them? Second, how many NES games have you beaten? And which ones? This, I’m actually very curious about. It would be really nice to have some standard by which to judge my own “performance.”

Speaking of all this, I went back to DuckTales and won it! Just thought I’d throw that out there. It’s the second NES game I’ve ever beaten, behind Super Mario Bros.

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 20.09.2014 in All
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I want to believe: Ridley in Smash Bros.

I want to believe: Ridley in Smash Bros.


If you have been listening to Infendo Radio for the past year, you will know that with any mention of playable characters in the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., I tend to grasp at straws for possible roster additions. Some have been true while others have been de-confirmed with the swift iron fist of Masahiro Sakurai himself. But, the one addition that I’ve been clamoring for with each Smash Bros. release has always been Ridley from the Metroid series. I’m clearly obsessed. The mere mention of it to friends online and outside of the podcast have been met with disagreement. Like I said in the headline: I want to believe. But, why am I still holding out for hope on one of Nintendo’s greatest villains to get his Smash Bros. due?

Posted by Harrison Milfeld 10.09.2014 in All
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Retro Redux: NES Quest – Updates + Excuses, Excuses


  • Game: StarTropics
  • Release Date (North America): Dec. 1990
  • Developer: Nintendo IRD
  • Genre: Action-adventure

I think it’s about time for another NES Quest update, as it’s been a while since the last vote ended and you were no doubt in suspense as to which game (out of Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 3, Maniac Mansion, and StarTropics) was the winner. As you can see, StarTropics won and did so in a close race against Maniac Mansion, of all games! There must be something to this Maniac Mansion I keep hearing about…

I’ve played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II for a good amount of time, in case you were wondering. I was lucky enough have some leverage over my brother to get him to play it with me when I got around to it: he and I have been playing playing Pokemon X and Y, and since he’s just starting out, he wanted me to breed a few Pokemon for him, so I said I wouldn’t hatch his Gible unless he tried TMNT II with me. Fist pump!

Anyway, we had a blast playing together. One day after that, I played by myself and learned that some games are better played with others. My hope is that I’ll get another chance to play the game with a friend before I post the inevitable report card. That will hopefully happen this weekend. Also planned for this weekend is the start of a new game, StarTropics!

There’s only one thing missing from this post, right? A new vote! Well, here’s where the “excuses” thing you see above comes in. Even after a Labor day weekend filled with rest, relaxation, and gaming, I’m still feeling pretty overwhelmed with things to do and games to play, particularly on the NES front, as I couldn’t have my little grey gaming machine where I was during the three-day weekend. A total of four games have won votes up to now: DuckTales, Bionic Commando, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, and StarTropics, so I would like to spend some more quality time with them before adding another title to the list.

There’s no new vote, but feel free to recommend titles! Many of the obvious ones (such as Punch-Out!!) haven’t been recommended by anyone, so don’t avoid making a recommendation under the assumption someone else did!

See you for the next report card.

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 05.09.2014 in All
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Pause Menu: The New 3DS and Nintendo’s strange sense of timing

The recent  reveal of the New 3DS was an odd one indeed. In fact, cast your minds back to when the Circle Pad Pro was first shown and Nintendo insisted that there would not be a revision of the 3DS that would include a second circle pad, as they claimed it would fracture the market. Fast forward a few years and a hardware revision is announced that pretty much looks a 3DS with a Circle Pad Pro built into it. Confusing messaging? You bet.

Of course, revisions are not necessarily a bad idea, as their primary function is to extend the lifecycle of the console/handheld (although in the case of GBA, the GBA SP was absolutely necessary). But this is why the timing of the announcement is so bizarre; the 3DS is currently doing really well, and I’m not sure the New 3DS is completely needed right now, although I’m pretty sure adding the Amiibo function was the main reason for this iteration of 3DS hardware.

Well, I guess it saves buying an Amiibo reader.


Despite the odd timing of the announcement, I am excited to be able to play Xenoblade Chronicles on a handheld (assuming it gets localised and without the drama of Operation Rainfall), but I’m just not sure why a new system is needed, as enhanced Wii ports already run perfectly on 3DS (MH3U). Also, how many exclusive games are there going to be? The DSi had a grand total of four exclusive games. Four! There were also several DSi enhanced games that could still be played on previous versions of the DS.

What else will be exclusive for the system?


As you probably gathered, I have mixed feelings concerning the New 3DS (also, that is a pretty bad name), but I would like to hear your thoughts on the new system. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Posted by Colin Crompton 04.09.2014 in All
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Retro Redux: NES Quest – Bionic Commando Report Card

Retro Redux: NES Quest - Bionic Commando Report Card


It’s time for another NES Quest report card! As with the DuckTales post before it, this report card (for Bionic Commando) is not a review: it’s a way for me to report to you the details of my progress in Bionic Commando. So how did I do? Read on to find out!


Areas Completed:

  • 01
  • 13 (Neutral)
  • 04
  • 15 (Neutral)
  • 05
  • 16 (Neutral)
  • Lifelines Used: 1 – The Internet. Why? To figure out how to get past the laser barriers in Area 01.

General Accomplishments

NES games, along with retro games in general, are known for their lack of tutorials and hand-holding, two traits that are highly present in today’s video games. I didn’t have much help going into Bionic Commando, not even a game manual. I figured out just about everything on my own. The grappling claw that our titular hero is equipped with isn’t actually as simple to use as it initially seems. Of course, it can be used to swing across gaps, but I also learned how to reel the claw in and hop up onto the above platform. I learned about items used by the START button. And I became pretty adept at swinging my way past obstacles and enemies.

Impressions on the Game

This equation pretty much sums up my thoughts on Bionic Commando: fantastic level design + unique gameply = a lot of depth. Especially for an NES game. The grappling mechanic works without a hitch and is just plain fun to use. If this were not the case, I’m not sure I would’ve had the patience to run through the first couple of areas as many times as I did.


I did the math on the number of areas I completed vs. the total number of areas and, as it turns out, I only got about 32% through the game. I’m starting to think a week is not quite enough for some NES games. Even though I’m sure I could do better with time, my performance grade is:


Posted by Holly Fellmeth 28.08.2014 in All
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Retro Redux: NES Quest – Updates + New Vote

Retro Redux: NES Quest - Updates + New Vote

119-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

  • Game: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
  • Release Date (North America): Dec. 1990
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Beat ‘em up

As you can see, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game is up next on NES Quest. I’ve already acquired an original NES cartridge of the game, so I will start playing it this weekend. But what about my progress on Bionic Commando? I’m about to tell you about that in detail…past the break, that is…also, if you have no desire to read about Bionic Commando (or if you’ve never played it), you may just want to scroll to the end of the post for the latest vote, which gives second placers a second chance…anyway…

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 22.08.2014 in All
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