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There’s only one way Super Mario Bros. could have been better. By adding a portal gun.

It has been a great few months for awesome fan projects, and it looks like another one has just been added to the pile. The just released Super Mario Bros. and Portal crossover game dubbed Mari0 is pretty amazing stuff.

Pokémon meets Street Fighter should be a thing.

Nintendo take note. Smash Bros. is great and all, but having a 2D fighter in a Street Fighter like style looks pretty fantastic if you ask me. This fan mad fighter has so much polish that you would think Nintendo

Nintendo needs to hire this guy, stat!

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’m a huge Zelda nut. I love my Zelda in all shapes and sizes. Handheld Zeldas, Celda Zeldas, even Smash Bros. Zeldas. This next Zelda I’m about to show you blew my mind

What Bosses could be in Mega Man 10?
Here’s a fan rendition with actual stage music. psst. Capcom. Hire this guy

With the recent news about Mega Man 10 coming to WiiWare in 2010 a lot of people are speculating about Sheep Man and what the two player game play will be like. I, however, am more curious about what new

Shadows of Lylat: Star Fox fan-game not at E3

Remember that Star Fox game we didn’t hear about at E3? Well here it is – Shadows of Lylat – a Starfox fan-game that looks good enough to press, package, and sell in stores.  The only problem? It’s not for

Final Fantasy VI DS Rumor was a Fan Made WIP

If anyone remembers that article I posted a while back about a rumored remake of Final Fantasy VI? It would seem that the creation was not actually made by Square but by a very dedicated fan by the name of