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3DS Majoras Mask?

Leading up to the Nintendo 3DS presentation, rumors are still buzzing about a possible release of Majora’s Mask for the 3DS.  The rumors were buzzing that the Wii U would host the game, however it was AWOL from the presentation. 

This ’90s “Next-Generation” guide to spotting bullshots is great

Via Fort 90 See also: The truth behind doctored screenshots

NASA discovers Super Mario Galaxy planet*

Infendo’s David has quite the find today! Apparently, up there in the night sky there’s a tiny planet, complete with tree and satellite dish, that could very well be a real-life Super Mario Galaxy planet! Luigi’s been dispatched to investigate,

Fake Reggie Twitter Account Suspended; Real Reggie Should Take a Hint

A few days ago, a Twitter account appeared that had Nintendo fans both skeptical and delighted. Reggie Fils-Aime (@NintendoReggie) began speaking to the Twitterverse about how he had played the demo to the latest Zelda Wii title, talking smack to

Fake alert: This is not the Nintendo 3DS

It was an honest effort to dupe the internet, but this alleged photo of the still-veiled Nintendo 3DS is horribly fake. Notice the perfectly lined shadows and suspect-looking button plastic. Never mind that it looks like a Photoshoper designed it

Experts: 3-D movies threaten the very foundation of the industry

Movie critics and other film aficionados were up in arms today over B-movie slasher horror flick My Bloody Valentine 3D, which released just this past Friday to little fanfare, acclaim or a even a noteworthy box office draw to speak