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Infendo PSA: Download Four Swords before it’s too late!

The 25th anniversary of Zelda may have happened in 2011, but Nintendo has still given you time to download a free trip to Hyrule on your 3DS or DSi. If you own one of the two handhelds, you have until

The Legend of Zelda Four Swords goes free next month on the eShop

Back in June, Nintedo announced that the eShop would receive a free release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise. That title is Link’s first multiplier adventure The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, the GBA add-on to The Link to

Which of the 3DS eShop’s 350 DSiware games would you recommend?

The eShop’s initial DSiware library stretches much further than you might guess from the few dozen titles in the shop’s featured categories. Every user should scroll left to the “Search” option, set the filters to focus on DSi titles, and

The BIT.TRIP Epic Reaches Its Grand Finale

The acclaimed BIT.TRIP game series for the WiiWare™ service has thrilled audiences with its mix of retro style and inventive game play. This week, new and longtime fans are invited to experience the series’ final installment, BIT.TRIP FLUX, and join CommanderVideo for

News round-up: Donkey Kong Country Returns nets Nintendo lots of bananas

In case you missed it — some interesting stories from Nintendo that made the headlines this week. Also, whatever you do, don’t look directly at the Kirbémons over there. Their Cuteness Overload is super effective! – Donkey Kong Country Returns

New Game Get: Shovelware Galore

A great collection of shovelware titles hits New Game Get this week! Not much to see except for a few games that look decent. So check out a trailer or two and let us know your pick this weeks new