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Divergent Shift now availible on DSiWare

Cool independent game being published by Konami on the DSi. Check it out.

3DS price and release date coming in September

Engadget is reporting that Nintendo has announced that they are going to be making an announcement sometime in September. What does this mean? The short and long of it is that a Nintendo representative told Bloomberg Japan the retail price

Three new colors for the DSi hitting Japan

Nintendo loves its Japanese fans more than it does its American fans and proves it with this new release. Three new colors for the Nintendo DSi XL will be released sometime in late June. The colors are of course Yellow,

Photo Dojo free on the DSi go Download it!!

How awesome is this!? Has anyone tried it yet?

White DSi comes with Bowser’s Inside Story

If you haven’t picked up a DSi, and or Mario and Luigi; this might be the perfect time too. Especially if you don’t want to lug around the the bulky and bigger DSi XL. Starting April 25, a white versions

Infendo Leftovers-Pokemon:Explorers of Sky

I confess Infendo Readers, I have a debt – and that debt has a name:  Pokemon: Explorers of Sky.  I hadn’t touched a Pokemon title since classic Red & Blue when Explorers of Sky landed on my desk – but