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What month do you play the most games?

I’m gonna be honest folks. After the holiday glut of games, I almost always take a breather from game for much of January. Anyone else? Regardless, is there a month of the year you typically play more games? If so,

Is the Wii phenomenon finally over?

Gaming Age Forum-goer Entrement started an interesting discussion yesterday, in regards to Nintendo Wii becoming cold product. “This is not a qualitative analysis, or whether you like the Wii or Nintendo games,” he writes. “But the future doesn’t look too

What non-gaming activities are you participating in this weekend?

Me? I’m watching college football all freaking weekend, including a trip to Lavell Edwards Stadium to hopefully see BYU beat Nevada in a game of gridiron, tickets courtesy of my well-placed uncle. (Go, Cougars!) What about you? What non-gaming stuff

What are you playing this weekend?

Do tell.

What do you think of Metroid Other M?

The game released yesterday. Did you play it? If so, what do you think? Is Infendo on crack? Was Mark on to something in his mixed review? More importantly, where do you think this game will rank in the annals

Is the Wii done as far as third parties go?

Shocking Alberto, an admittedly satisfied Wii owner, asks the question: Is the Wii done as far as third parties go? “Consider this: The biggest PS3/360 third party release this summer? Take your pick: Red Dead Redemption, Splinter Cell, Lost Planet