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Oh look—another “video games can save the world” story

Courtesy of NPR. In other words, video games are still insecure about who there really are. Like movies and music, they’re just entertaining diversions. Nothing more, nothing less. Get over yourself already, sheesh.

A Friend Indeed: My Nintendo Power Collage

Mushroom Kingdom birthday cakes, NES beds, master sword quilts…Nintendo fans tend to celebrate their passion in crazy, time-intensive ways. Thanks to my friend Lindsay, I own my own little unique Nintendo creation. These three collages were made from Nintendo Power

Face Raiders mug shots!

Upon my initial boot up of the 3DS, I just had to try out the cool Face Raiders app that come pre-installed on every 3DS. After taking pictures of everyone I live with (which includes my girlfriend and 2 cats),

What the fanboy?!

If you would have asked me just 4 years ago what the be all end all video game system was, I would have told you without even thinking about it the Nintendo Wii. I was fresh off my first couple

Why do gamers surmise Nintendo’s doom before every new hardware cycle?

(Latest case in point.) It’s not like you hear people speculate Xbox’s or PlayStation’s doom before every new hardware release. Why Nintendo then? As a recap, the viability of Nintendo was debated after the Genesis was released, before the release

Sad survey: Majority of gamers don’t miss arcades

The March issue of Nintendo Power has a survey in which they asked readers if they missed arcades or not. Only 43% said yes. 30% said not really. 27% said they never frequented arcades. How sad. For any younglings in