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USB-enabled NES controllers will turn you into a bigger pirate and open your eyes to great homebrew games

Computer emulators and ROM games are fun for about 10 seconds. After that, you realize how sucky they are without official controllers. Enter Infinite NES Lives, a one man shop that hacks console controllers to work with USB and/or Wii. Other

What 2D games, if any, are better with an analog stick?

As part 2 of my new 2D console concept, I wonder if any 2D games benefit from an analog stick. Know of any? Seems to me like d-pads are almost always the way to go when controlling 2D games. Am

Wii U controller: Let me see if I understand this correctly

In addition to overall gut reactions and the console itself, here’s what I think Nintendo is trying to convey with their new controller: Since it has no processor, it’s not a true tablet. Rather just a dummy screen that streams

Wall Street Journal of Japan confirms 6-inch Project Cafe controller screen

Here’s the news in Japanese. In summary, the paper confirms the controller will feature a 6-inch “tablet-like” screen for controlling games. Camera and built-in battery also reported. The paper says the system will arrive by the middle of next year.

FlingSmash is the new Wii Play (with a meatier game)

After selling an unthinkable 28 million copies of Wii Play, Nintendo is ready to refresh the controller bonus game idea with the release of FlingSmash on Sunday. You already know about the bundled Wii Remote with “Motion Plus inside.” As

Wii Remote Plus comparison pics

The Wii Remote Plus launches this Sunday, at least as a $50 bundle with FlingSmash. Interestingly, the Remote Plus is identical in weight to the original controller. But it is MotionPlus ready — a nice little touch for the five