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O’RLY? Conduit 2 will be played in “spaces players will want to fight in!”

Released last year on Wii, The Conduit was a generic shooter with great controls. I’ll let you decide if that’s worth your time or not. But that all changes with the Conduit 2, boasts Sega. This time the game will

Infendo Radio 181 is Ultra Handed

After taking a short week off – Alexis, Zac, and Sean come back to answer the big questions: Is the “Zelda Wii” team in competition with Monster Hunter Tri? Should The Conduit sequel really be made? What does a dog-chewed copy of

Conduit 2 announced for Wii, to be published by Sega

Second time’s the charm? Kind of baffling, really, but maybe they’ll have the same kind of sequel semi-success that Ubisoft had with Red Steel 2. [Image, source both 1up.com]