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Besides Game Over and Super Mario, what other Nintendo books are there?

Infendo reader Jason emailed the following question last week: I just finished reading Super Mario by Jeff Ryan and I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed David Sheffs’ Game Over. A few years ago ( I’m currently 37)

A book you should read, and this is no strategy guide

Published August 4, 2011, authored by Jeff Ryan, that book is Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America. It contains a concise history of Nintendo’s efforts to find success in the American market. It’s a short read, and quite shallow, but

New book about Nintendo calls Wii “greatest comeback” in video games

When Nintendo released the Wii home console in November 2006, it changed the face of global gaming forever. Sony and Microsoft, whom many expected to dominate the market, were caught unawares by the launch of Nintendo’s revolutionary product. But rarely

Fighting Fantasy: Warlock of Firetop Mountain
the Game the Book!

Aspyr just sent over a copy of Fighting Fantasy The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Which is the book the upcoming DS game of the same name is based on. Fighting Fantasy is apparently a long series of choose your own

Zelda manga made me buy a backward book

Spotting something Zelda related when we least expect it can expose the inner nerd in each of us. Browsing a local book shop today, my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the mere sight of Link. “What is

The unofficial Mother 3 handbook?

Apparently the guys over at Starmen.net did not think it was enough to just releasing a translation patch. They went ahead and teamed up with Fangamer to compile a complete companion book/players guide for the game as well. With complete