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Review: Biogenik battery – Less of a savior, more of a backup plan

  Every battery has a life cycle. Even rechargeable batteries start to lose their charge over time, and, while they will continue to function, their power will diminish. While most products can be recharged approximately 500 times before they begin

NES Game Saves: Nearing Extinction?

  Everybody feels a bit of nostalgia at times. For many the NES was one of our first real gaming consoles.  The love affair we had with it provided many hours of late night rendezvous and satisfying weekends. As the

Regarding the recent news about Vita’s battery…

Hmmm. Three to five hours…and that’s with online capabilities disabled. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it? I wonder how Sony fans are adapting to the news. I’d like to send them all a card: “Misery loves company, guys. Welcome aboard the