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Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo – Part 3 Arcade Madness

History of Nintendo

Welcome to the Infendo Presents: The History of Nintendo! Join us as we chronicle Nintendo from their humble hanafuda beginnings, to the dominance of the Wii and DS and beyond! Make sure to check back in everyday for more content! So

Donkey Kong escaped from the Circus?

My friend sent me this video today telling me “It’s on like Donkey Kong!” Strangely enough I have never ever seen this video before. According the description on the youtube channel, “Donkey Kong has escaped from the circus. He is

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: The Wii Fight Stick

While many of us would be content to play Tatsunoko vs Capcom on a classic controller. They’re a few of us who want that arcade experience, and we all know that Capcom is all about the arcade feeling. They are

Poll: Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

Though the Street Fighter series has aged better, my money is still on MK — if only because the first two games were flawless victories of win. {democracy:53}

Listen up, pinball fans (potential sleeper game)

I got a call on Tuesday from long-time friend and Infendo reader Casey (aka Cdub). The good news? Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection for Wii is apparently the best thing since sliced bread, particularly if you dig pinball,

Konami porting Pit Fighter-esque shooter to Wii

El Segundo, CA – January 3, 2007 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that Target: Terror™ is currently in development for the Nintendo Wii™. The game is based on Target: Terror Gold, the top-grossing arcade game of 2006 and designed