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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past-Amazon Review

I know this review is about two years old, but I just stumbled across it again, and thought I would share it.  Every time I read it, I cannot help but to laugh.  The review is for The Legend of

Hyrule Historia Tops Amazon List of Best Selling Books

As mentioned briefly on the latest episode of Infendo Radio, Eugene, Scott, and myself are eagerly awaiting our copies of Hyrule Historia (the Dark Horse-published/Nintendo commisioned encyclopedia dedicated to The Legend of Zelda) to arrive in our respective mailboxes. Until

Nintendo news round-up: Two new Pokémon games to catch, 3DS released in Japan, and more

– If Okamiden isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps either Pokémon Black or White can tide you over before the imminent release of the 3DS. Both versions in the fifth iteration of the series will be released to North America