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3D video coming to Nintendo 3DS?

According to Nintendo of America, 3DS users will soon have the ability to “enjoy FREE, specially selected video content that includes 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos.”  This information was confirmed after speculation of Netflix streaming 3D movies

Super Mario 3D Land Review: The plumber still amazes

What a relief! After months of waiting, Mario’s arrived on 3DS with all cylinders firing. Super Mario 3D Land isn’t just a good portable Mario game; it’s one of the very best Mario adventures, topped only (for me, anyway) by

Super Mario 3D Land offers two different 3D views for gameplay

In the final weeks of game development, the team behind Super Mario 3D Land took a look at the nearly-finished Mariokart 7, liked what they saw, and promptly altered the way you experience 3D in their platformer.

14 reasons I’m excited about Super Mario 3D Land…and 1 reason the box art bugs me

Mario hits the shelves in fourteen days! To celebrate this happy little countdown milestone, here are fourteen reasons to do the Mario! And, yes, there’s something about the box art I don’t like. See if you agree with me; I’ll

“The 3D Machine” invades Nintendo Video

One thing I wasn’t expecting from my 3DS was its ability to morph into a little portable film festival with truly outstanding entries. Do not miss this week’s Nintendo Video debut of “The 3D Machine” from Rotterdam’s Ka-Ching Cartoons. Not

Review: Starfox soars, delivers and makes me glad I have a 3DS

Funny thing: right in the middle of all the current doom-and-gloom discussions, Nintendo’s just released one hell of a great game. Want a break from all the weird recent Nintendo announcements? Care to remember how fantastic this company’s games can